Laura's are very heartfelt, sensitive, tender, caring, shy, honest females. Usually sexy as hell. Laura's are very passionate in bed and are always trying to please, which they always do. Laura's can be insatiable in bed and are often willing to try anything. You will never regret being with a Laura. When she feels comfortable with you she will open up and it is as if the sun has risen and light fills your life. If you have the fortunate opportunity of getting a Laura, never let her go, because you will always regret it. Laura's can be insecure even though they have no reason to be. Laura's need a lot of attention but will return the favor with great passion. If Laura is treated right, she will be an honest, loyal, true companion who will strive to meet your every need,want and desire. If treated badly, she has a fierce temper when she feels she has been betrayed, so make sure you treat her fairly!
The best sex I ever had was with Laura
#passion #desire #honest #loyal #sexy
by freya81 April 22, 2015
Kind-hearted and compassionate. Always willing to help. Smiles a lot but can go from happy to p.o in seconds. she LOVES candy and would never let anyone get in the way of a good friendship. A great listener and someone you can always talk to about your problems. Shy around guys and always finds a way to get what she wants, by asking nicely.
"I love you" said Laura in her sweetest of voices to a good friend.
#names #meaning #candy #friendly #sweet
by Grace_xoxx June 28, 2015
Laura is a drop dead gourgeous type of girl. She is funny, smart, sociable, and the type of girl that can make you smile. She is a guy magnet! Anyone that knows her is able to relate to her somehow. A Laura is an amazing singer and can be an amazing dancer. Lastly, Laura is trustworthy and unique.
Damn that girl is perfect! Of course, her name is Laura.
#funny #smart #sociable #singer #dancer
by alex626 May 16, 2015
Is the hottest,smartest,loving,caring,athlethic person you could ever meet so if you meet a laura then you might as well never let her go so just love her forever
Guy 1:*falls to his knees and just stares
Guy2:omg can i marry you ms.Laura
#hot #smart #sexy #your queen #loving #caring
by I Luv Me May 26, 2015
Origin: Latin/Greco-Roman Antiquity; Crowned with laurels - the symbol of Victory, Loyalty, and Honor; probably the best chick name possible

Basically, Caesar's mother-fucking crown. What made the Roman Emperor the damn emperor? Laura. What made an athlete an Olympian? Laura. NBD.
Ma: Boy you better recognize a rider before you end up with a heaux.
Bro: I hit up Laura.

Ma: *Pounds It*
#queen #hot chick #wifey #wifey material #rider #babe #baby #bottom bitch #main squeeze #lil mama #shawty
by UhHuhWhatYouWant April 05, 2015
A person named Laura is one of the best people you will ever meet, maybe even the best. Everyone loves her even when they want to hate her and she has the best personality. Make friends with a Laura!
"Laura is amazing!" Said a lot of people.
"I hate her so much!" Sadi no one.
"I want to be her best friend!" Said tons of people
#beautiful #amazing #fun #loving #great
by The best girl out there<3 August 07, 2015
Very attractive, talented, and intelligent girl. Her laugh is contagious, and she has a great voice. Although she is incredibly smart, she can sometimes choose the wrong people to date. Attracts everyone, whether platonicly or romantically.
Guy: Wow Laura is so good at music
Girl: And she's hot too!
by KindaAnnoying January 16, 2016
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