Laura is the pimpshit in every way. When someone meets a Laura they will never be able to forget her. She is truly unique in every way. She has an amazing personality and the looks to match it. Laura's are extremely intelligent. Straight up wiz kids. She is one of the hottest chicks ever to be seen. When she walks in the room, the wall clocks stop, everyone's jaw drops, and time literally stands still.
Dude, I can't get that Laura out of my mind she's friggin amazing!
by chchchachia June 04, 2009
A girl with a name meaning ‘laurel flower.’ She is the most amazing person in the world. She is brilliant, smart, funny, pretty (she doesn't need beauty products to make herself look pretty!), out going, wonderful, amazing, outstanding, and awesome. She can be pretty crazy at times, (sugar makes Laura INSANE) but she can often be very shy too and may take a while to open up to someone. Which means that if she does trust you and considers you a good friend, you should be honored! When around friends, she is always a fun person to be around. Laura is far above average intelligence. She has great taste in music, loves to read, loves to write stories and songs and poetry, and takes way too many photos on her camera. Reading is her favourite pastime. She has several favourite numbers, a list which changes frequently, and is very good at remembering numbers, She is a very organized person and loves to create lists and keep everything in order. Laura is an extreme perfectionist and does very well in school. She goes above and beyond the limit. If she made a goal, she’d reach it! She’d soar high above all the other competitors, and make herself the top, or however high she wanted to be! You will never regret meeting a Laura. She is very good at keeping secrets and always knows how to cheer someone up.
Laura is just the most incredible person on this erath.
by R.G. (L) March 06, 2010
The meaning of the name Laura is Laurel Flower which represents what a pretty name it is.

Anyone named Laura sure nows how to party and have a good time! It is also said that everyone with this name is super cute, you can't beat that!

Robyn: "Wow Laura always looks so cute and cuddly!"
Jess: " I know ey, I am so jelous..."
Laura: "Hey girls, don't be jelous, it does cost to be beautiful."
Jack: "I'd pay to have you any day, sexy little tiger."
Cute Laura
by SugarMuffin102 November 11, 2008
She is an awesome girl that makes you laugh. She is a great girlfriend. She is very beautiful in so many ways. She makes me super happy. She is the kind of girl that cares about people and gives it her best to help them out. She's a great athletes, dancer, role-model, sister, daughter, but most of all a great girlfriend. She's loved so much and doesn't know it.
Laura taste so awesome. Its like eating at Chilis.
by jlopez92 April 23, 2009
The most caring, loyal and trustworthy person you will ever meet, the best friend you could ever have! She is shy with people she doesn't know, but is really a super crazy, hyper and happy person. Is usually positive, but some things can bring her down. Everyone loves her, and if they don't they are probably just jealous of her. If your sad, she will always cheer you up by being crazy, and her laugh makes you laugh!
Gotta love that Laura!
by sbc13 December 18, 2013
only the most amazing person you will ever meet. she's awesome and funny and nice and smart and soooo freaking attractive. she can always make you smile and looks hot in whatever she's wearing, or not wearing. if you ever meet a laura, marry her. or you will regret it.
hey dude did you see laura's new shorts?
yeah dude where'd she get them?
the harvard bookstore.
her butt looks so good in them. she's pure awesome.
by antoine123456789 September 23, 2011
A name usually fit to describe a young, attractive, classy woman.

1. Young in the sense that no matter what age she is, she still has a fine imagination.
2. Attractive in the sense that either

A). She is simply hot.

B). She has an exotic physical beauty.

C). She has a perfect blend of beautiful appearance and "cute" appearance.

3. Classy in the sense that she is very intelligent, she behaves politely, she understands and feels for others, she keeps her mouth civil (no swearing or cursing), and she goes through tough times without complaining.

Females named Laura are generally fascinating as people, interesting to talk to, enjoyable as company, and probably an exquisite wife.
Two gentlemen are at a table in an Italian restaurant.

Mitchell: Do you see that woman over there?
Ross: The brunette one, with an Italian look to her?
Mitchell: Yeah, she looks kinda like the hot farmer girl on the Sun-Maid raisin packets.
Ross: She's ridiculously beautiful.........
Mitchell: And classy......and smart....and.......I'm getting her number. I'll bet she's a Laura.

Ross: Yeah........I bet.
by New-awakening 1537 LIVING LIFE March 13, 2014
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