Aka Big Booty Judy!! She is a loving and friendly person, she wants like 12 kids, just can't get enough of them. She loves giraffe print but hates the actual animal. She loves to eat her momma's home cooking and would drive across the country for it. She is a decent volleyball player but mainly plays just to show off her butt in those spandex. She loves the big busty boys especially if their names start with a J. She is always flirty and wants everyone to like her.
Who doesn't wanna be lauras?
by Alex Brood March 07, 2013
A Laura is a caring, beautiful, captivating woman. She is deep. Her kindness warms your heart. You get lost in the sea of her blue eyes and don’t want to be found. Every moment spent with her is a gift to be cherished. Her friendship brightens the cloudiest day. Her smile etches itself in your memory and will make you smile whenever you recall it. Meeting a Laura and calling her your friend will bring a lasting joy to your life.
I was fortunate enough to spend this summer with a Laura.
by CTCF August 15, 2014
A Laura is an incredibly beautiful, insanely sexy, cute, intelligent, crazy, caring and loving female. She can appear shy but in reality is a crazy person in the best way possible, do not feed a Laura sugar they will go mental. She is abore average intelligence even though she is humble about being clever. Everyone should have a Laura in their lives, if you are fortunate enough to have one, never let them go, they are the best woman to spend a lifetime with! A truly unique and special person. And they're bloody awesome in the bedroom, best sex you will ever have, have you seen the booty on a Laura!!
' when you see a Laura walking past, you can't help but be drawn to her, instant attraction'
by ginger33 November 26, 2014
A classy, beautiful, refreshingly intelligent woman. Any Laura tends to laugh often, read constantly, love nearly everything she sees, and enjoys open, honest discussions. In brief, Lauras are

1. HOT!!!!!
2. Classy
3. Witty/smart
4. Optimistic

You get a Laura in your life, don't let go.
Wesley and Mitchell are in an Italian restaurant. They spot a Laura a few tables down.

Mitchell: Wes! Wes!

Wes: What? What is it?
Mitchell: Look at that Italian brunette!
Wes: Whoa.....you don't see that every day......
Mitchell: I'm getting her number.
by Reborn1537 April 06, 2014
The best friend you could ever have. If you meet a Laura don't ever let her go because she is amazing, smart, beautiful, friendly, nice. She will be always there to listen to you in anything you need, she will comfort you and make you smile and you will feel better.
Girl 1: "I really need a friend"
Me: "You need a Laura!"
Girl 2: "Yes, my friend's name is Laura and she is amazing"
by Nictuni October 28, 2014
A great person who has a beautiful smile and can always make you smile!

She is unique and doesn't care if she isn't just like everyone else
It's a blessing just to know her.
Damn, I'm hella lucky to know a Laura
by yas.bish January 06, 2015
The most beautiful woman in the world. She's smart, generous, and forgiving. The type of girl that lights up a dull room with her positive attitude and humor. She'll joke around, but you better know not to mess with her. Humble confidence radiates off of her with every step. She is the golden standard for what it means to be a woman. She's strong, compassionate , and absolutley breathtaking, . Her beauty will cut through into your heart, leaving you sweating and at a loss for words. She is by definition, the most perfect girl you will ever meet.
"Do you know who Laura is?" "She's my babe!"
by bostonbird January 18, 2015

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