Laura is the best person you will ever meet. She will always be there for you n matter what the problem is. You will be the luckiest man alive if you were Laura's boyfriend. She can be very funny at times or hyper. She is a very chill person. It is very rare to get her mad. She is also very pretty inside and out.
Boy- hey Laura you want to go out?

Girl- yes!

Boy- I'm the luckiest guy alive!!
by Tristiano Ronaldo June 30, 2016
Cute girls with really chubby cheeks.
Lauras like learning new things like Korean language, ukulele, Zumba dance etc but they're not very good at them.
They don't care what people think.
And will magically fall asleep at 10 pm.

You may not like them at first due to their chubby cheeks and all.
But before you know it, you have fallen deeply in love.
Jake: "Hey, look at that stupid girl over there!"
Lililolo: "Oh that's a Laura..."
by lililolo July 12, 2016
A super cool and fun girl who enjoys riding dick everyday into the sunset. She is super funny and chill
Guy 1: how was your date with Laura?
Guy 2: It was amazing! She rode my dick into the sunset!
by Quithush July 08, 2016
Amazing cool and sexy asf everybody loves he and she gets banged every night and all the guys line up for her
Mmh that one fine honey I bet her name is Laura
by sexybitchgal March 12, 2016
-sex on a stick

-at times quiet

-doesn't talk to people she thinks aren't worth her time

-loves photography

-one of the most BEAUTIFUL girls you will ever meet!





-the most intelligent person ever!


-great taste in music

-fucking great! the end.
She is such a Laura
by Tbaahhhsss July 02, 2015
A word or name used to describe sex-on-legs.
*a Laura walks by*
Person 1: "Did I just have an orgasm?"
Person 2: "That WAS a Laura."

Person 1: "What was that girls name last night?"
Person 2: "Did you have a good time?"
Person 1: *nods*
Person 2: Most likely Laura.
by basically NOT a Laura April 26, 2009
A back stabbing jerk who tells all of your secrets
hey Laura who does ----- like?
oh its -------.
by fdsapoiuytrewq April 07, 2015
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