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To have been forced to laugh by somebody
Poppy: I like it when you laugh properly, like when i tickle you
Andy: Thats laugh rape
by laugh freeely December 10, 2011
The act of sticking your finger in a friend or stranger’s mouth whilst they are laughing heartily/hysterically about something/anything. This can cause them to gage, splutter or go into a state of coughing laughter which is in itself a source of amusement for everybody else. The Laugh Raper may benefit from ninja like reflexes to perform this task competently.

Can also be used when a friend is laughing too much or has an annoying or embarrassing laugh

Similar to Yawn Rape
While watching a Jimmy Carr DVD Dave was laughing hysterically so I seized the moment to Laugh Rape him, he gaged and went into a cough fit
At the cinema John was laughing at all the wrong parts during TED so I Laugh Raped him to shut him up.
by DCIV June 13, 2014
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