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When the creator of a message board fucks up and makes it crash.
Why does the board always get Gaged?
by 56789 March 28, 2005
Rowdy, drunken, foul, out-of-control behavior stemming from the absence of a pre-frontal cortex. Derived from the famous neuropsychological case of Phineas Gage, a rail road worker who had an iron rod blown into his head in 1848.
You were so Gaged last night you got the cop to pinky-promise not to arrest you if you failed the brethalizer!
by RowdyGage March 12, 2011
Word that is based after Sean "Gag" Gallagher from Norristown PA

Verb/adj. to kill/ruin a joke; be loud and annoying but so lovable.
"Gallagher shut the fuck up! You just Gaged the live shit out of that"

"You Gaged it"

"Gag shut the fuck up!!!!!!"
by dont worry bout it nigga November 18, 2009
A body part that has been pierced and stretched out, such as the earlobe.
Wow - dig her gaged ears!
by lyoness August 28, 2006

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