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The period between New Years and Groundhog day where you reconnect with friends you haven't seen since the break started. Events may include: exchanging of Latemas presents (forgotten/late arrival Christmas presents), Latemas cookies (leftover Christmas cookies that haven't gone bad yet), recounting of new years/christmas stories, Latemas coffee at Starbucks, sometimes even a Latemas late lunch.
Person 1: I haven't seen anyone since break started! I guess it will be a great Latemas this year.

(Person 2 arrives at the dorm after the break has ended)

Person 2: Merry Latemas bro! I brought the Latemas cookies!

Person 1: Sweet! Oh here's your Latemas present.

(Person 1 hands Person 2 an unwrapped Amazon.com box)

Person 2: Awesome man! Want to grab Latemas coffee? I didn't get any sleep on the plane.
by davisman123 January 02, 2010