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One of the most dangerous matches in the wrestling world (apart from the Hell in a Cell match). The only way to win the match is by knockout i.e. incapacitate you're opponent for 10 seconds.
Triple H and Ric Flair competed in a Last Man Standing Match at Armageddon once, where Triple H twatted Ric Flair with a sledghammer to win
by Hargy August 26, 2006
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A sexual act at swingers parties. Four to six men undress and stand naked in a circle. One woman gets naked on her knees in the middle and begins to perform oral sex on one of the males for a pre-determined amount of time (usually 30 to 60 seconds). She then moves on in a clockwise manner performing oral sex on each male. She continues around the circle until one male climaxes. She then exits the circle and the man who has already climaxed takes her place. He continues giving oral sex to the other men till another climaxes. The man in the middle exits and is replaced by the second man. This continues until the last man climaxes, at which point he wins. His prize is two-fold: A. He doesn't have to perform oral sex on another male, and B. He performs oral sex on the female until she climaxes.
Man, I came second last this weekend at Last Man Standing. I had to suck three dicks cause of that...I never win!
by Big Goonie November 22, 2013
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While being piss ass drunk at a party, everyone pulls their pants down to their ankles and runs around the entire party. Who ever makes it the longest without someone tripping or tripping by themselves is the last man standing.
Jim, Joe, and Shithead played last man standing at at party. Joe got tipped, then Jim passed out. So Shithead won because he was simply the last man standing
by Thefuckingman January 24, 2007
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