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4 definitions by Hargy

One of the best Songs Guns N' Roses ever made. The supposedly best ever Guns N' Roses song. OK i'll admit that it does have one of the greatest riffs in history, but it dnt hold a candle to 'Civil War' and every true GnR fan will agree with me
Chris: Dude, you like GnR's song 'Civil War'?
Nathan: Nah, man, Sweet Child O' Mine is better
Chris: U fuckin pussy
by Hargy July 27, 2006
One of the most dangerous matches in the wrestling world (apart from the Hell in a Cell match). The only way to win the match is by knockout i.e. incapacitate you're opponent for 10 seconds.
Triple H and Ric Flair competed in a Last Man Standing Match at Armageddon once, where Triple H twatted Ric Flair with a sledghammer to win
by Hargy August 26, 2006
If a guy cant get laid, he plays 3 steps to heaven, and tries to pull a girl who is points below him in the looks department, ie nif a guy is rated as a 7, then to be sure of gettin sum, he has to go for a girl who is rated as a 4.
Guy 1: Dude, i cant get laid, non of the girls i go for evr get into the sack with me

Guy 2: Well then just play the three steps to heaven game n you'll definately get sum

guy 1: OK man
by Hargy July 28, 2006
A shitty-arse town in the north-west of england, near to wigan. Near to a once great village called Lowton, but over the years has since developed into a town full of chavs who spend their lives drinking white lightning, smoking, and cursing the last numbers of genuinly nice peop;e. People from Leigh think they are a lot better than people who live in Lowton and Wigan, but they are exactly the opposite. Most people from the town deserve to be shot
Jonny: Hey dude, you fancy doin summat today?
Chris: Sure man, where do u wanna go?
Jonny: How about Leigh?
Chris: Hell no, man, that place is the shithole of the country, only deadbeats and spongers live and go there
Jonny: Well, erm, how about Wigan then?
Chris: Sure, OK
by Hargy July 21, 2006