A goon that is excessively annoying and is addicted to cheese. A Lars dislikes, cofee, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, or swearing.
Look at that Lars! He's a goon and he yelled at me cause I swore.
by Craig June 30, 2003
A very greedy drummer, or one that sniffs out "injustice" for the sake of money. Lars Ulrich
The guy whose car crashed into me really pulled a Lars on me in court.
by Dodger May 05, 2003
jammin' smallish berries
would you not consider a job of LARS
by Anonymous April 11, 2003
See Larry Cannon
Larry Cannon's in da house!!
by lars April 07, 2003
Your a Shang
by Futera April 05, 2003
A kid that sucks at guitar who has purple hair and just sucks at life in general. He has no knowledge and worships the Iliad as if it were his bible. He also sucks at conversation.
I wish that god would smit lars and all of his nasty purple hair.
#idiot #angry #goofy looking #dumass #smells like death
by Apallo January 25, 2006
Lars is the best boyfriend you could imagine. He gives you butterflies everytime he looks at you with his wonderful eyes. His smile is just awesome and makes you want to smile too even if you are sad.
Jenny" I'm so in love with my boyfriend Lars, he is the love of my life and i can't imagine my life without him anymore"
by Jännny May 07, 2016
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