tween;not over the age of 13
Hes such a Lars, he cant get into the Pg-13 movie.
by 1210 December 04, 2007
A word yelled out to suggest that someone near you has just rolled out of the Trailer Park. It allows you to alert your friends without making the Park Trash feel unwelcome or uncomfortable.
When Mark was at the Nascar race, he was constantly yelling Lars to every other person who walked by. When his friends agreed with the observations, they also gave out a faint "Laaaarrrrrsssss" to confirm his assumption.
by Mark Pearson August 13, 2006
Lars - most of this type are friendly. But there is one selfish, shallow, two-faced, bitchy, hypocrit that is unfortunately still around. Believes he is god's gift to everyone, when is really only good for ants. (sorry ants) Also believes to judge people on something so small as MSN. Better use as a hat rack.
He's a pr*ck
by A pseudonym? June 08, 2004
The drummer for Metallica.

Also, extremely gay.
Don't be such a Lars.
by jontas January 02, 2008
short for "Lame And Really Stupid"
Man, that guy is lars, he thinks he can score but he just can't
by Pecky December 17, 2007
tween;not over the age of 13
He's such a lars, he can't even get into the PG-13 movie.
by 875892 December 06, 2007
Word used when describing a person from the country Fyn (which no one has never heard about). Persons named Lars tend to be overweight and often get owned trying to lift weights, by girls. They are not very well hung and may often be characterize as a girl, because there are actually nothing there.
If you ever see a Lars, don't feed him and certainly not his favorite food snade. He will eat all of it, because he thinks it's a way to improve his not existing manhood.
Former Nr. 16 from dkbn: "Dude look at that fat loser over their trying to lift those 2 kg weights"
Guy called Richie: "Man, he is getting owned by that tiny girl"
Former Nr. 16 from dkbn: "That's got to be a Lars"

Girl from bar: "Where is it? I can't find it."
Guy who just picked the girl up: "You can't find it? I am sure it was there this morning."
Girl: "What did you say your name was again?"
Guy: "hmm... Lars."
by The mean machine March 10, 2009

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