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Laredo is quite boring. There's hardly anything to do besides the mall where the idiot teenagers wander around, being loud, and yelling at each other. Don't get me wrong, not everyone is stupid here, I have some of the smartest friends. And, believe me, they're difficult to find.

As for language, it's Spanglish and a lot of Spanish slang. Hardly anyone here speaks fluent Spanish. Trust me, most people here speak so stupidly it's just ridiculous.
But, hey, at least some people are fluent in English.

As for weather, it's really hot during the summer, temperatures even reach up to 110s. During the winter it's usually 50s and maybe even 30s sometimes. And, the chance of it snowing is rare, every thirty years rare.

It's also growing very fast; I see a new neighborhood being made every now and then.

People here make a birthday party every year for their child, what an excellent way to not spoil them!

And, Laredo is quite peaceful, it's NUEVO Laredo that's fucked up right now.

This place is also ghetto as hell where people listen to stupid music that makes no sense, such as Reggaeton.
Laredo is hot, not so smart, but not so dumb, peaceful, boring, and the Language is very unique. Just make sure you have an a/c.
by Forgeltz December 03, 2010
A town which separated when the Texans made Texas a country, the Republic of Texas. However, Laredoans who didn't want to leave Mexico went just south of Laredo's river and formed a new city, Nuevo Laredo (New Laredo)
I live in Laredo, it's a badass place.
by Anonymous September 01, 2003
Shitty-ass town; used to be nice; now it's HELL ON EARTH.
Hi, Jim, where are you from?
by laredo sux December 15, 2003
It's a border town in south Texas. The population is approx. 200,000 on paper. There are, however, a great deal of illegal aliens who don't respond to the Census. This city is mainly hispanic and believes the U.S. is mainly Christian for some reason.
I hate Laredo. It should be nuked from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
by Raqem August 19, 2003
A small city that was ranked 2nd on Men's Digest "Most Ignorant Cities" survey
I moved from San Antonio to Laredo, it should be nuked or given to Mexico.
by Stephen Ramirez June 06, 2005
It is also a shitty bar in Pembroke.
-See ya, Rabowsky.
-Laredos, Pizzamenti
by botox January 20, 2005
A U.S. city along the Texas/Mexico border well-visited for its rich culture, excellent food, and unparalleled shopping opportunity. Laredo is well-known as the largest inland port in America.

Laredo boasts a strong emphasis on higher education with the Laredo Community College, Texas A&M International University (ranked one of the best in the nation for international business), and its new University of Texas Health Science Center branch.

Laredo also has a thriving nightlife that draws thousands of young adults every year. With a superb club scene and various bars, everyone is bound to find something they love.

Highly regarded Laredo eateries include El Meson de San Agustin (located in historic downtown Laredo), La Posada Hotel (noted as one of the finest in Laredo), and La Estancia (featuring Veracruz-inspired cuisine).

A popular time to visit Laredo is the month of February, during which the city celebrates its annual Washington's Birthday Celebration. The month is filled with various concerts, comedy shows, air shows, carnivals, parades, etc. Each day features a different event! The month-long celebration also includes the nationally recognized Jalapeno Festival, which has been called one of the largest food contests in the nation.

Whether you're looking for a fun-filled weekend or a new home, Laredo, Texas, is certainly a place you'll be happy you considered.
Q: "Have you ever heard of the Jalapeno Festival?"

A: "Sure! It's an annual event in Laredo, Texas, that draws thousands upon thousands of visitors each year for its live entertainment and amazing food choices!"
by Melissa Karmin June 29, 2011