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one of the coolest people you will ever meet! a down to earth girl who is friends with many groups of people and is almost never involved in drama. if your friend's name is lanna, you found a good friend
p1- i need some advice
p2- why dont you go ask lanna
by mofo17 March 24, 2009
Someone really at ease, cool, fun to be with. A name associated with someone beautiful, and well-liked by everyone. Unique, they stand apart from others.
1. "Who are you hanging out with this weekend?"
"I'm hanging out with Lanna."
"Awesome, can I come?"

2. "Is that Lanna?"
"Yeah, she's none other than Lanna."
by Icantthinkofanoriginalname March 18, 2009
1. Using the word Lanna is to describe something boring or lame.
2. A Lanna is the person in the group that everyone talks about. Its usually to mock her. Its usually the quiet one or the runt of the group.
1. Math class is sooo Lanna!
2. "Hahaha I wonder what the old Lanna is up to?"
"Yeah, did you see what she was wearing? Haha!"
"Shes such a Lanna!"
"Yeah, hahahaha!"
by C.L. January 14, 2007
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