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The 'real' name of a janitor.
I am a master of the custodial art.
Or a janitor, if you wanna be a dick about it.
by PaD March 07, 2005
so drunk that you can't stand up.
She was langered last night
She was so drunk she couldn't stand up.
by pad July 20, 2004
drunk, hammered, slaughtered. Used particularly in dublin.
She was absolutely elephants last night.
She was totally drunk last night.
by pad July 20, 2004
Tit Torture. Fantastic rough sex foreplay and during gay play.
I'm into a bit of TT (having my tits played with) when getting a blow job.
by pad July 07, 2004
(noun) the familus is the most essential group you plug deeply with by stuff beyond the gene pool... and is not lame, pointless or accidental like a gang, tribe or family
hey I'm just off down the road to meet up with the folks of my familus cos they plug!

my familus don't plug with that idea!
by pad April 03, 2004
(verb) to connect with in a special telepathic way OR "noun" the special connection folks have.
Jeez they were happy with their plug cos no one else could understand what it was. That made'em feel special like a smart arse.

The familus was fully plugged.
by pad April 03, 2004
PaD's word, not to be used by sarah xD
PaD to Sarah : IndeedPaD
by PaD April 24, 2005
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