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A name having American origin meaning "rough land" or "land ruler."

It is rare enough as a last name but considered unique as a first.
My name is Landis. Nice to meet you.
by Quiksilver15 August 06, 2007
The most beautiful girl in the world, who is there for you twenty-four-seven. The best friend that you wish you could have. The most awesome person you could ever know.
Im looking for a Landi kind of a girl.
by cachetona February 12, 2010
Lan Di killed Ryo Hazuki's father! He is truly an evil man...
Lan Di killed my father! He is truly an evil man.........
by Ryo December 05, 2004
To take drugs in order to win an athletic competition, such as the 2006 Tour de France.
I had to Landis in order to win that big race!
by Dentar August 06, 2006
When a guy rubs off a girl without getting anything in return
"We were getting down and I rubbed her off and didn't even get a lousy hand job back (Landau)"
"Dude, you gave a Landis!"
by Kilomack November 29, 2008
The most amazing guy ever. Super personable, extremely good looking, and has the biggest dick you will ever find on a guy.
This guy i met is soo Landi!

Im looking for a Landi kind of guy.
by iloveyoutommy August 20, 2008
One who is a tool, or frequently gets checked, as in a hockey game.
Kevin is a landis, and he gave all his money to the hairy gay bald man.
by ushmi December 11, 2006
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