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An uncontrollable burst of laughter.

Usually done in an otherwise unfunny situation where something unexpected has occured that has made a person laugh, believing the unexpected thing to be a joke.

This can make the situation incredibly awkward once the person stops laughing.
Landa: Mountain climbing? That's how you injured your leg- mountain climbing?
Hammersmark: Believe it or not, yes it is.
Landa: *Bursts out laughing*

Janet: I'm seeing someone else.
Todd: Who?
Janet: Graham Jenkins....
Todd: *Bursts out laughing. Pulls himself together*
Seriously though, who are you seeing?
by Todyo1798 September 27, 2011
11 0
Most wonderful person ever to be met. Makes all that she looks at Happy.
Landa's attention intoxicated me with joy.
by Brake44 June 30, 2010
13 10
A super hot Hawaiian girl!
Wow, check out that Landa!
by Kalim S August 01, 2008
14 18