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An uncontrollable burst of laughter.

Usually done in an otherwise unfunny situation where something unexpected has occured that has made a person laugh, believing the unexpected thing to be a joke.

This can make the situation incredibly awkward once the person stops laughing.
Landa: Mountain climbing? That's how you injured your leg- mountain climbing?
Hammersmark: Believe it or not, yes it is.
Landa: *Bursts out laughing*

Janet: I'm seeing someone else.
Todd: Who?
Janet: Graham Jenkins....
Todd: *Bursts out laughing. Pulls himself together*
Seriously though, who are you seeing?
by Todyo1798 September 27, 2011
Most wonderful person ever to be met. Makes all that she looks at Happy.
Landa's attention intoxicated me with joy.
by Brake44 June 30, 2010
A super hot Hawaiian girl!
Wow, check out that Landa!
by Kalim S August 01, 2008

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