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The worlds most capable off road vehicle. Beats any other 4x4 hands down in terms of style, engineering, durability, and ruggedness.
Land Cruiser, because everything else just sucks.
by J25 August 20, 2005
Just a fuckin rugged truck. Could get you through hell and back.
Land Cruiser owner: Lets go pwn some Jeeps!
by Toyota makes the best trucks July 20, 2009
Much better than a Patrol
That Patrol has no hope up against the Landcruiser
by nIMrOD888 August 07, 2007
Good example of Japanese over-engineering. The landcruiser is a legend for it's off-road capability, reliability, and overall quality. These trail-ready suvs are built to take abuse, decade after decade. I would not hesitate to drive a well-maintained 300,000+ mile landcruiser from coast to coast right now. You would have a better chance of reaching your destination breakdown- free than you would be in any brand new chevrolet or dodge.
I forded a river in my Landcruiser, it made it across just fine, oh, did I mention my family was riding along with me!!
by Maxhell65 December 10, 2011
a piece of shit junk car that looks like shit and is all doesnt get used in the winter and rusts..a waste of money.. just like marrying a hippo-crocca-dogga-pig
man look at that landcruiser! what a piece!!
by canadianurber April 03, 2006
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