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The worlds most capable off road vehicle. Beats any other 4x4 hands down in terms of style, engineering, durability, and ruggedness.
Land Cruiser, because everything else just sucks.
by J25 August 20, 2005
AKA Toyota Land Cruiser. The worlds toughest trail tackling machine. It is commonly referred to as a jeep but it will basically eat a jeep for lunch and keep on going up the trail.
I saw that Cruizah pull 3 stuck heeps out of a mud pit all at once and then he went on his way.
by J25 August 20, 2005
A person who pilots a Blackhawk helicopter.
Bob was a proud member of the Hawkdriver community.
by J25 August 20, 2005
The opposite of loosen. Often used when referring to removing hardware, however it actually means to tighten. An oxymoron.
Hey bill, unloosen that seat bolt so I can sit on my bike.
by J25 August 20, 2005

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