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The stage name of a pretty yet telentless chick who can't sing for shit. The industry along with a couple of other tone-deaf twats, who just accept whatever crap is shoved in their faces, have blown her singing capabilities WAY out of proprtion. I know loads of people who could do a much finer job than Ms Elizabeth Woolridge Grant over there in her sullen so-called "hipster" corner.
Gandhi: Have you heard of that Lama Del something person?
Tone-deaf Idiot: Do you mean Lana Del Rey? Yes! Isn't her voice just phenomenal?!
Gandhi: No. She sounds like a drugged-up, worn-down drunkkard emo chick with too many fake problems to count.
Tone-deaf Idiot: Egad! *drops dead*
by ButtonSoup April 29, 2012
An incredibly talented and beautiful female singer who made it big with her song Video Games. She is literally a legend in-the-making.
"Dude have you heard that girl sing before?"
"No why?"
"She sounds just like Lana Del Rey."
by aglam November 05, 2011
A self-proclaimed "gangster Nancy Sinatra," the moody and off-color Lana Del Rey is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter. Gorgeous, vintage, and unique, this artist has made a very prominent image for herself in the recent years. Her husky narrative lingers like smoke clouds, leaving wafts of rhythmic phrasings delivered by an icy, heartbroken femme fatale.
Lana Del Rey is music gold. My ears orgasm everytime I hear her music!

You and I, we were born to die.
by LFAN October 06, 2012
A very talented new artist. Her album Born to Die is something that's authentic, artistic and beautiful. A girl who doesn't rhyme just to be rhyming over sugary pop songs and doesn't make garbage masked as music like many other recording artists these days. She made a video for her song "National Anthem" with rapped ASAP Rocky, which made people (including myself) go crazy and just love it! Lana Del Rey sings about what is true and what really went down and also puts together her own videos. she loves art and the feel of vintage and nostalgia which is why most of her videos are clips from the 50s-70s and influenced from this time. I could go on and on. But Lana Del Rey is a legend in the making. if you listen to one of her interviews, you would probably fall in love with her voice. What makes her stand out the most is her pouty, and poofy lips. i find them very cute.
Girl: Lana Del Rey's videos always make it seem like Im watching a short film! She's so awesome!
Her friend: who? the girl with the duck lips? her music is boring.
Girl: Oh really? well, i guess this means we can't be friends anymore. you suck!
by undefinablemoi August 12, 2012
"is that lana del rey?"
"no it's jesus!!"
by emocidal July 16, 2014