A genius trip-hop / electronic duo from Manchester. If you have any interest in electronic music you have to hear Lamb.
checkout this new Lamb album
by EvilDave April 15, 2004
Typical sacrificial animal to appease Satan or one's own Dark Savior.
The blood of the lamb will give us immortality at last!
by lambsacrificer September 08, 2003
another word for sike. or NOT.
guy 1: lemme hold a dollar
guy 2: LAMB
by Mike510 December 02, 2006
an alternate to lame.
a young lamer.
heh your such a lil'lamb, baaaa baaaa baaaa.
by px October 03, 2004
Gwen Stefani's AMAZING Love, Angel, Music, Baby - clothing line.
L.A.M.B. is the stylish line of clothes launched in 2004, available to buy online and in selected boutiques and department stores.
Did you see that new LAMB skirt she was wearing? It was so hot!
by ddt September 06, 2004
Alternative word for spam. Specifically used in my guild in World of Warcraft. After a couple of shouts of which mob I'm going to polymorph (sheep). I usually get a shout of 'Lamb!'
Mage: Sheeping lvl 58 mob. Leave it it like being a sheep..

Mage resheeping: Sheeping lvl 58 mob. Leave it it like being a sheep..

Mage resheeping again: Sheeping lvl 58 mob. Leave it it like being a sheep..

Guildie: Lamb!!
by Axy666 May 21, 2006
A verb used to indicate unassertive behavior. It can be either positive or negative.
Q "Did he ask that girl out?"
A "Naw man, he totally lambed it."

"I'm just gonna get a drink and lamb at the bar for a while. See how many blokes make a point to say hi to me without any enticement"
by Gennette September 23, 2005

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