A Hebrew folk rock band that played from the '70s to the '90.
Not to be confused with other 'Lamb' bands.
Lamb is the best band that ever played.
by Mango April 09, 2005
Large Ass Made (for) Bangin'
J Lo has a perfect LAMB!
by Craig Williams October 22, 2004
People who are blindly guided by President Obama. They really have no insight on the matter of politics but think that Barry Obama is just one cool guy.
All the lambs voted for this terrorist we call a president.
by MushroomORtoadstool September 06, 2009
The last name of a cute boy with weird mountains on his chin and an unusual slope on his nose. Usually wants to fuck you in the ass.
Hey look, there goes Kevin Lamb.
by Boris June 19, 2004
A gay lord from n/ton who is a boss eyed badger fucker and growls for cock.
Lamb: Hi guys
Ben and Scott:Fukk off lamb u r a boss eyed badger fucker who growls for cock
(they fight lamb gets battered)
by Kingpin February 16, 2004
Gwen stefanis clothing range
standing for het lil chinky m8s
love angel music baby
i brought a L.A.M.B top the other day
by gob shite May 21, 2005

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