A verb used to indicate unassertive behavior. It can be either positive or negative.
Q "Did he ask that girl out?"
A "Naw man, he totally lambed it."

"I'm just gonna get a drink and lamb at the bar for a while. See how many blokes make a point to say hi to me without any enticement"
by Gennette September 23, 2005
A Hebrew folk rock band that played from the '70s to the '90.
Not to be confused with other 'Lamb' bands.
Lamb is the best band that ever played.
by Mango April 09, 2005
The last name of a cute boy with weird mountains on his chin and an unusual slope on his nose. Usually wants to fuck you in the ass.
Hey look, there goes Kevin Lamb.
by Boris June 19, 2004
People who are blindly guided by President Obama. They really have no insight on the matter of politics but think that Barry Obama is just one cool guy.
All the lambs voted for this terrorist we call a president.
by MushroomORtoadstool September 06, 2009
A gay lord from n/ton who is a boss eyed badger fucker and growls for cock.
Lamb: Hi guys
Ben and Scott:Fukk off lamb u r a boss eyed badger fucker who growls for cock
(they fight lamb gets battered)
by Kingpin February 16, 2004
Mariah Carey's army of venerable, lunatic fans that think that they are in some exclusive club because Mariah mentions them frequently. They think that this is still 2001 and she needs to be constantly defended even though she proved her maturing mental attitude to the world with Emancipation of Mimi in 2005. Lambs are clearly mentally stuck somewhere between the Daydream and Charmbracelet eras. Lambs are obsessed with the so-so Butterfly album and tend to love the same boring midtempo cuts that Mariah does. Mariah is known to constantly reference songs like 'The One' and 'Babydoll' on her Twitter because the Lambs eat it up. She also ropes her psychotic fans into the warped urbanized concept of "haters". Even normal non-Lamb fans are considered "haters" because their concept of Goddess Mariah is not on the verge of the Lambs' cult membership.
They are also known to shell out $90 for the fanclub Honey B. Fly which sends out the member packet a year after the subscription lapses.
"I'm a real ostracized, hurt and suffering Lamb, I have Butterfly, Rainbow and E=MC2 on eternal repeat. I feel that the songs 'Outside', 'Side Effects', 'For The Record' and 'Can't Take That Away' apply to me!"

"I'm a level-headed Mariah fan that can take other peoples' potshots at her with a grain of salt. Never call me a Lamb."
by 207Shawdy1 March 15, 2009
Gwen stefanis clothing range
standing for het lil chinky m8s
love angel music baby
i brought a L.A.M.B top the other day
by gob shite May 21, 2005
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