Alternative word for spam. Specifically used in my guild in World of Warcraft. After a couple of shouts of which mob I'm going to polymorph (sheep). I usually get a shout of 'Lamb!'
Mage: Sheeping lvl 58 mob. Leave it it like being a sheep..

Mage resheeping: Sheeping lvl 58 mob. Leave it it like being a sheep..

Mage resheeping again: Sheeping lvl 58 mob. Leave it it like being a sheep..

Guildie: Lamb!!
#sheep #polymorph #spam #world of warcraft #resheep
by Axy666 May 21, 2006
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Passive person, usually a woman, who unreflectively acquiesces at ones request.
"Why don't you be a lamb and give me a tug?"
#synonyms: peach #doll #pear #betty. antonyms: alpha bitch/dog #stag
by Flyez September 19, 2006
Coucher avec, baiser, copuler (animaux)
They lamb like beasts.
#fuck #sleep #mount #breed #copulate
by Idril-the-Fox May 11, 2015
Gwen Stefani's (orginaly of the band No Doubt)clothing line. LAMB stands for love angel music baby.
this is also the title of her latest album.
i just baught a L.A.M.B purse at Saks the other day.
#love #angel #music #baby #gwent stefani
by Halston [im a chick haha] December 21, 2005
1. gwen stefani's line of high end clothing and sneakers as well as bags manufactured by lesportsac up until the winter season of 2004. the bags came with a gold or silver lamb charm, one of the first bags to come with a charm. many of these bags, now highly sought after collectors items, sell for over $100 on ebay.
2. literally accounts vary of how gwen stefani came up with the word. some say she named her line of bags, clothes and shoes after her dog maggie, her little "lamb", and she and lesportsac made up words to go along with it after the fact. others say they were her four favorite words in the english language, but this version is a bit fairytaled and contrived.
"i saw this totally cute l.a.m.b. capelet in nordstroms that fit me perfectly, but it was cashmere and over $300!"
#gwen stefani #no doubt #couture #lesportsac #clothing
by murdertramp October 15, 2005
A person who is cool; a name for someone your cool with
Hey watup Lamb!
by SPNJ January 30, 2003
Like A MotherFuckin Baws!!
"He knocked out two people"

"Damn, he went LAMB!"
#ham #beast #beast mode #hyphy #hard in the paint
by Brouhaha June 04, 2013
Fresh male meat a female is interested in pursuing.

Mutton=spoiled male meat a woman stays away from.
That lamb sure looks good for dinner.
#sexy #swag #juicy #meaty #bahhh
by LambLover June 07, 2011
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