fur coats that you see the g's wearin
"ayo u seen dae dae tonight??" "yeah, he over there lookin at some lambs"
by jburns August 16, 2006
a lamb is a romantic comedy that a male is obliged to sit through when he does on a date with a girl he intends to later get in her pants. A man would never watch a lamb on his own accord because they are weak, fluffy, and boring. Lambs are not often worth remembering.
Dude 1: "Hey bro wanna catch that new Saw movie with me and the guys?"

Dude 2: "Naw man sorry I gotta suffer through a lamb with this chick I wanna bone."
by bangbang973 November 26, 2010
A clothing line Gwen Stefani named after the four asian girls she pays to follow her around and dance. Love, Angel, Music, and Baby. I wonder how they feel about being named such craphole names. You could name a kid Angela, but everything else...Nah.
Mary considered purchasing a L.A.M.B skirt, but decided against the insane idea beocause she looked fat in it.
by French Cream July 23, 2005
1.)a baby sheep
2.) money, dollars, dough
see also cheddardollapaper
gimme a lamb dawg
by d sizzle June 02, 2003
Lame as a momma's boy

A person who lets their mother do everything for them.
My boyfriend is bing a complete Lamb!
by CounterLife June 29, 2013
An underage female thats sexually active
That bird is a bit of alright, better be careful though she is blatantly lamb
by Stinig February 13, 2011
Short for Lamborghini.
"Them Bentleys and them Lambs'" - Birdman
by HeavyHustle March 06, 2011

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