A man defecates on a woman's chest, makes a wall above and below her breasts with feces, and then urinates in the middle to make a lake.
I knew she was a freak, but then we she asked for Lake Titicaca, I ran!
by mwyyld January 20, 2008
a lake in south america, better defined as lake boobpoop
it smells like you vacationed in lake titicaca!!
by dipped_in_stink#2 July 11, 2011
when someone drinks 200 ounces of liquid in one day, holds in the pee, and then pees on a hot girls tittys with so much pee that it looks like a little lake. Then you shit on the piss/titty lake and proceed to fuck the shit out of the girl with your face buried in the lake titicaca
that dude just did a lake titicaca

That is both hot and gross
by poonchasers June 13, 2008
When you take a giant diarrhea poop and it makes a puddle resembling a lake in her cleavage. If you lucky you get some drift wood or floating mystery corn.

A variation of the Cleveland Steamer
"Last night my girlfriend went swimming in Lake Titicaca."

"She's such a freak, I Titicaca'd da hoe."
by Beefalow Spin May 21, 2009
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