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rolls around in Canterbury tracksuits,Nautica or polo shirts
Nike hats Tilted up, and nike TN's. Bashes emos and the like,is constantly on drugs and vandalises public property.
this is a common misconception and it is WRONG Dammit!
This is not an image, it is a lifestyle,
A real lad or lass does not give a fuck who you are or what you think, if u cum up against us, we will crush you. we are not all town hall steps,bludging at the train station, mcdonalds hangout retards. Those Gronks are posers and wish they were lads and lasses. Some of us do actually have jobs to fund our expensive clothing, spraypaint and drug habits. Not all of can be bothered running from shop attendants after we flogged $300 worth of clothes. We rave because we love the music and love to get our gabber on and we get on pills cuz we can if we want, dnt be jelous that u cant.Most of us are hektik kunts and we live life regardless of our haters.
Half the definitions on here are even wronger than a lad in skinny jeans...because they are written by emos and the like, who wouldnt know shit from clay if they stuck their finger in it.
we also hate Peshays wannabe lads and lasses, gronks, clones and toys who make our graff spots redhot.
Lads and lasses are misunderstood. People who think they know about us wouldnt know a bus was up their ARSE till the people starting getting off.
by Eshayy_Asslay May 19, 2008
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