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All men who fuck up by insulting their girlfriends. Insulting or mocking your girlfriend in a casual yet highly offensive way. This is often intentional and done for amusement, but can also be due to carelessness. Either cause leads to great entertainment and raucous laughter among friends while the woman explodes in anger and the "lacey" contemplates the prospect of a night without sex. Must hold substantial comic value for onlookers.
verb. Laceying- completing the above act
noun. Lacey- a man who is regularly guilty of laceying
adjective. Lacey- to display lacey-like characteristics.
Girlfriend: "That guy keeps staring at my chest"
Lacey: "I wouldn't worry about it, it's not like there's anything there to see."
Girlfriend proceeds to lose it while Lacey looks over to his friends who are all in stitches and, also laughing says, "Whoops."
by Timmmmmmy November 05, 2006
The girl who goes to parties says she gets drunk and tries to fuck your boyfriend.
aslo a huge ass hoe.
likes to fuck every guy she sees.
has a fake tan that looks bad and lot's of freckles.
boy-i'm going to a party tonite
girl-make sure you stay away from that LACEY!!
by janie dodson August 14, 2009
Pretty much explains itself. A young, bitchy, selfish want-to-be who enjoys making a fool out of herself while being completely fake. Accomplishes best being the worst friend; yet still succeeds to manipulate over people until...they realize. Always goes for older men; but getting used is totally okay in her world as long as she looks cool for the time being. Everyone loves a Lacey, not!!!!
"Ew look at Lacey over there being all fake over there with those guys!!!!!"
by PeaceLUVLaceyLOL December 25, 2009
A SICKO...some one who does bad things when they should not..a bad person...
Wow your such a Lacey, Lacey...
by BOOM HEADSHOT May 05, 2008