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Most amazing best friend in the whole wide world. She can be a bitch, but she's sweet and caring. Will break your neck if you hurt her best friend.
I met a Lacey today.
by letsmakebabies? September 23, 2010
160 50
Unexplainable beauty. Unattainable to most men, very untouchable. Graceful, poised.

Loves to laugh, and make others laugh in return.
Unique in spirit.
All the guys want her, all the girls want to be her.
"I met a Lacey last night.."
"LUCKY dude!!! Im jealous!!"
by jackattack19 February 03, 2010
215 107
A hustler that no one can fade. On top of her shit. Has not fear and likes to be wild and free
Lacey Top Bitch in the Bay Area
by hyphy lacey February 07, 2010
108 63
Lacey a fun sized woman. Who has a large heart warm personality showes great compassion towards others. A love for nature music art and dancing. The kind of woman that can express her self in many ways mostly can be seen through her art and dancing. The kind of woman who teases you in your dreams the one who is on your mind as the true beauty. To obtain the heart of such a goddess is a true gift as her love will never falter. She has the body of a goddess. A Lacey is epically nomtastic
Lacey a true beauty a goddess my love
by mudocin July 28, 2012
24 8
A stunningly gorgeous young woman. This type of girl likes to have fun and is extremely nice, smart, and friendly. She makes most girls jealous, and is one who all the guys like. This girl might be described as energetic, or one who has a sparky personality. The opposite sex might call her beautiful, pretty, gorgeous, amazing etc.. God was showing off when he created this person.
Random guy 1: "Lacey is so gorgeous."
Random guy 2: "Yeah she also has such a sparky personality."

Random girl 1: "I wish I could be like Lacey."
by Remmie10 January 06, 2012
16 4
Lacey is the hottest girl alive. Guys, you know you want her. The most beautiful, and amazing person. She can act, she can sing, she is perfect all around, inside and out, but she is very down to earth and can brighten up anyones day. She is also, quite a prankster and can do many bad things without getting caught. She is famazing. Lacey is very charming and can get you do do what ever she wants through her charm. Lacey is one of a kind.
Lacey is my best friend and I'm in love with her.

*lesbian for her*
by Lacey's Angel May 29, 2011
13 3
Irish slang for a male with exceptionally large genitalia.
Look at that Lacey over there; using his testicles like a Newton's cradle to provide a beat he can whack off to.
by Samson Rockefeller April 04, 2011
25 21