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A moderately sized mammal indigenous to the north eastern United States. labontes' spend the majority of their time attempting to blend in with the college student population. When labontes' hobbies include; wasting beer, punching babies and fornicating with housepets.

Labontes' feed mostly on male gametes but occasionally enjoy excrement secreted by the northeastern short haired skunk. Previously thought to be an asexual organism recent studies suggest that labontes' spend the mating season attempting to reproduce with the lower GI tract of their selected mates.

The origin of this species remains unknown, however phylogenic studies claim that the closest common ancestor of the labonte species is the Cymothoa exigua, commonly known as the Tongue-eating louse.
"Look at that labonte, it sure seems to be confused."
by markusarelius December 20, 2009

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