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Ignorant female rapper that likes to smell dicks
Riskay: "Why you comin home 5 in the mornnn
Somethins goin on, can I smell yo dick
Don't play me like a fool, cause that ain't cool
So wat u need to do is lemme smell yo dick"
by Urik September 13, 2008
Sexually provacative and likely to attract controversy.

see Risqué
Those naked women bottle openers you gave away at the gift exchange were very riskay!
by grove dawg December 24, 2007
somethings goin' wrong can I smell yo' dick?

example 1) don't treat me like a fool, cause that eint' cool, so what you need to do is let me smell yo' dick.

by bonjamins August 13, 2008
Can be used instead of risky. You usually say it while joking around, imitating someone, or complimenting someone.

"Man, she's so ris-kay!"
by Cass H January 09, 2006
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