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Local Yarn Store, used by knitters & crocheters, and other purveyors of the fiber arts & crafts.
The girls down at my LYS are the best knitting group in the county!
by KnittersFancy November 01, 2007
luv u sis
a shortend version of lylas (love u like a sister)
mainly used on im as internet slang
girl: tlk 2 u l8r

friend: lys
girl: lys bye
friend: bye
by SweepPuppy August 26, 2009
An evil Chinese cyborg that oddly resembles a fish or a donkey (see donkfish).
Its main processor does not exceed I2 laptops and is extremely slow at human logic and communications. Furthermore, this robot has a low frequency sound noise and usually use the word "shyt!" followed by a small homosexual jump.
Known for its selfish personality, if asked for help it will only answer "mann read tyour lectwure notez".
Furthermore to intimidate the humans, he usually points at u with closed fist while blabbering "You're gona faill".
Also known for its strange programmed sexuality, it prefers shemales rather than females (although this cyborg is designed to be a male).
The programmer of this useless cyborg is unknown.
Ape: Hey LYS, what is the answer for 1+1?
LYS: Read your lecturreee notes. You're gonna fail!!!
by HKUSTFREAK January 19, 2011
An acronym for Local Yard Store used by knitters.
I went to my lys to get some dpn.
by E to the M March 07, 2005
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