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A shorter way I saying "I love you", or "love you."

Idea of word was made when I heard the song "Hate It Or Love It", and The Game goes "I Love ya Ma" but it sound like "L'ya ma."
I L'ya so much babe.
by Diana (Di) August 18, 2005
Lame Young-Ass Suckers

Often used in reference to underage friends or colleagues who are jealous of your of-age privileges.
I'm spendin' my 21st birthday at the bar, you LYAS!
by oreomagic February 03, 2011
A much more efficient and hip way to pronounce "hell yeah"
in this new booming and changing society new terms are needed to function properly how ever this one shall stay
Sammie: dawg lena is so fine
Me: Lya i feel u
by THE-COME-BACK-KID February 07, 2011
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