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Also known as GRMedia's "Little White Lies." A webseries aired on youtube,myspace, metacafe, google video, and other web venues that features teenage life in the fictional city of East Holston, an upper class town in the northeast, US of A. The show features stereotypical teen characters like Alexa Whittenburg, the queen bee popular blonde chick;Lee Sarabella her extremely studious best friend; and Richard Vast the mysterious teen hearthrob all the ladies fight over.

Common teenage cliches include:
Alexa: That danger averted
Richard: Danger, that's my middle name
KYLE: And she’s a total cheating slutbitch.
LEE: You ruined his life!

Appropriate use includes when something is viewed as extremely dramatic or over-the-top: seedegrassi
Becca: So then Rachelle, said that Lauren, told Leslie, that Lise, hated Katherine, which everyone knew totally wasn't true, and it was all so LWL.
by Maddorg February 14, 2007
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LWL = Lil Wayne Laugh!

a new lingo originated by Anthony A. and Chris M. in math class and perfected in Daytona Beach .

similar but greater than lol, rofl, lmao, lmfao, CmC, haha, jaja, etc.
Chris: wow, i just failed my math test
Anthony: ahhaa hmmm
Chris: did you just lil wayne laugh?
Anthony: yah brochacho!

Anthony: im gonna get in so much trouble! LWL
Chris: whats LWL?
Anthony: you dont remember? lil wayne laugh
Chris: oh hhaaaha LWL!
by LWL = Lil Wayne Laugh September 13, 2010
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A group of semi-clad women who lounge around fora dispensing hugz and love to established and aspiring group members, and terrorize any dissenters.
Storm laughed at the fashion sense of the LWL by suggesting they discontinue the use of barrels as apparel.
by Mr. Clarence August 20, 2011
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"lwl" is short for "Life is Worth Losing". Coined by the late comedian George Carlin.

It is usually posted at the end of a sentence that states that something awesome has happened to you and that you've lived your life fully and you're finally ready to die.

It also mimics the gang sign that means "rock on" or "rocking", refer to lwl_(-_\\)_lwl
I have finally had sex with my childhood crush... lwl!
by jbarry July 10, 2008
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LWL - laugh without (being) loud
Say for instance, you and your wife is at church and someone comes through the door looking a hot mess you and your wife would "Laugh without (being) loud", that way no one hears. LWL.
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by Yasmin527 June 07, 2016
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