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Recycling the usage of your dirty undergarment by flipping it inside-out on it's "side B" which is supposedly cleaner than it's "side A". People who're lazy to do their laundry do this all the time.
"Dude isn't that the same Calvin Klein undies you were wearing yesterday when we went to the beach?"

"Don't worry man, it's on it's Side B"

"That's just gross dude..."
by JBarry May 11, 2008
Based on the hit 3D animated feature "Wall-E" by Pixar.

To "wall-e" or "wall-e-ing" means to prepare something for disposal.
Dude my pc crashed again last night, I'm definitely thinking about wall-e-ing it and getting a new one.
by jbarry July 01, 2008
"lwl" is short for "Life is Worth Losing". Coined by the late comedian George Carlin.

It is usually posted at the end of a sentence that states that something awesome has happened to you and that you've lived your life fully and you're finally ready to die.

It also mimics the gang sign that means "rock on" or "rocking", refer to lwl_(-_\\)_lwl
I have finally had sex with my childhood crush... lwl!
by jbarry July 10, 2008
From the word "epileptic" wherein people mostly suffer from convulsions and/or lack of consciousness when exposed to bright rays of light for long periods of time.

"Epicleptic" is used to describe presentations such as artworks, games or animated feature films that are too high in brightness and/or high in color saturation therefore having the appearance of something looking "too friendly" or "too happy". Instead of using epic fail, we use "epicleptic" to describe these.
Dude, have you seen that new cel-shaded "Happy Tree Friends" game? It was really epicleptic, it almost made me puke.
by jbarry June 25, 2008
An online jargon that abbreviates the sentence "here you go". Mostly used when a person is passing on a file in a chat room.
John: do you have those pictures from your digicam of our trip last year to Europe?

Anna: Yeah, I have it here in a folder somewhere.

John: Can you upload it thru the window?

Anna: Gimme a sec.... hugo.
by JBarry May 22, 2008

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