Acronym for "Lot To Process."

Coined by internet celebrity Michael Buckley.
"She's blackmailing Serena and stealing her boyfriend. It's LTP."
by Nathan Lund May 22, 2008
Lay The Pipe, Lay teh Pipe.

This saying is used with a sexual connotation.
Would you LTP?
Man I'd LTP in a Heartbeat.
by Dinsdale February 03, 2005

To have sex.
She's hot, I would love to LTP with her.
by Vishnu February 03, 2005
"Lay the Pipe" "Laying the Pipe" "Laid the Pipe"

Analogy for having sex.
Eviscero had drinks with Jennifer Aniston last night and then LTP till she begged for mercy.
by eviscero February 03, 2005
To Lose the Plot. This saying is generally used to describe a situation which arises after an overconsumption of alcohol and or other drugs. Symptoms are dancing on tabletops, vomiting, loss of memory, and unexplainable stains, injuries and phone numbers.
Man, I LTP'd last night. I can't remember anything and my leg hurts.
by Ben C July 05, 2004
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