Top Definition
1. Acronym for lemon stealing whore

2. Formal/nice sounding/professional word that is synonymous with hipster
Gag on his co** you LSW!!

Jorge: Are you trying to be a LSW with your flannel shirts and vegan diet?
LSW: gark gark grghk gark gah
by Rphucker November 28, 2010
Acroynm for the British armies, Light Support Weapon. A 5.56mm rifle modelled on the SA-80. It's not that good as a support weapon as it can only take 30 round mags.

Comes with bipod and susat sight.
Yo, Get that LSW down here and put some fire on that position!
by RyanRhino August 02, 2005
Accronim for Licensed Social Worker
Jane works as LSW helping children and families.
by Megan April 03, 2005
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