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Laughing (or Laughed) Silently To Self
My friend, Frank, fell down on a pile of dog sh*t... LSTS

Instead of saying LOL which is what most people would have actually done in this instance - because Frank is my friend and I am a compassionate person, I LSTS.

Most often, LSTS is the most honest term to use - as most people use LOL when they really aren't making any vocal noises at all.
by bertab63 June 29, 2010
2 1
This particular group of rollerbladers live for skating.
These particular rollebladers hold it down wherever they go. They hold it down!!!
L.S.T make it rain fasho!!!
by boywilliam January 08, 2008
3 2
Life Size Trisha. What every man wants, but cannot have.
I miss my LST, tell her i love her.
by steppedinpunk May 22, 2003
7 22