Long Slow Distance
A training method for runners.
He did lots of LSD before the big marathon.
by bittersweet January 21, 2005
LSD is a drug that makes you crazy
Grandma have you seen my pills?(LSD pills)who cares about your pills have you seen the dragon in the kitchen?!?!?!?
by Stud Muffin1195 February 24, 2009
Little Stalker Dude, a small boy who follows girls around, repeatedly asking them whether or not they are mud wrestlers.
LSD: "You look amazing."
Girl: *shudder*
by icky vicky November 13, 2004
A 3 step Motivational program

Learn Start Do
First u learn somthing
then start it out the first time
and now ur doin it forever! :-D
by Jermy somebody from Vice City August 23, 2003
OMG it's like the total opposite of DSL!!!
OMG kevin from Home Alone,AHHHHHH!
by John Candy March 10, 2005
Lime Soda Drink
Everyone loves LSD!
by Fluffy April 08, 2004
LSD is most commonly known as the potent drug used by many. But recent study has shown that thats not the case with LSD. LSD orginated in New York but has become overwelmonly popular in vast areas. The proud owner of which is Sinat Yornom a great man of power and of course LSD. LSD is huge in many ways, hes no small matter or a laughing matter. He can break you or make you depending on the way you hand him. Studies show that the average man is 5.5 inches. LSD was that size when he wasnt even created yet. Now hes a whopping 3 times the size of a normal creature.
"DAMNNN NIGGA!, Shit son you can have my girl"! (bowing down)

"o0o0o papi look at you"

" I want to use LSD"!
by mrsoogooditsbad December 28, 2008

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