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LSD= the power to see through reality to what really is and what really matters. It gives you the ability to look out side you self to a grater point of view of life and a connection to the would around you. Its a short cut to "knowledge" so instead of meditating for 50 years to get knowledge it, if used correctly will only take 6-10 hours. P.S- use wisely and make sure you trust who you get if from and words of wisdom you dont need a lot 1 or 2 is good if it is and the cheaper it is the better it most likely is because if its good usually the person with it wants every one to experience its greatness and my best experience it was free every time. remember it cheep like 3-5 bucks.
make sure that you really want to discover the question that you ask, because once you learn the truths they cant be unlearned and some times the answers you get will change your life forever..... they did in my life.-LSD
by your inner self June 29, 2010
Brainwashing tool of the CIA.
May be taken anally along with Satan's penis while attending Church of Satan service or public schooling.
LSD, ruiner of lives. LSD, champion of honesty. Honesty, ruiner of lives.

Wish I'd never have met the stuff. Could have learned to be social. Wouldn't know anything upsetting or unforgettable. Would still be able to spend time around kids. Would still have friends. Would still enjoy being alive. LSD Ruined My Life.
Say LSD with scorn in your voice to hear this usage.

'LSD sure is "helpful"'
'I'm "really" glad I took so much LSD.'
'I learned a lot from LSD, but man, do I ever feel like a proud little tyke with a ruined life ahead of me now!'
'If it weren't for #$^@# LSD, I could still go out of the house on a Saturday night!'
by Karmalac the Discouraged August 12, 2006
The drug that ruined my sister's life, and put many of my friends out of their heads for good. It's not a bad drug because it makes you go crazy or gives you flashbacks (it only does that sometimes), but it's a bad drug because it BRAINWASHES you into thinking you have some higher knowledge than everyone else and are in touch with some higher power; you basically think your mind is being opened when in reality your perception is so narrowed that you can't see anything in real terms, only in terms of how it relates to Acid/LSD and you base you entire life around so-called "values" you supposedly develop from being under LSD's influence. A fucking waste of time and life if you ask me.
LSD is the tool of a failed group of idealist who still believe they're living in the sixties.
by Rotten_Ralph December 22, 2005
lysergic acid diethylamide, a hallucinogenic drug
LSD is one example of a drug that was taken off the market due to it's potential to cause death.
by Light Joker October 09, 2005
L_iquid S_atan D_rops used to change and modify culture via extensive brainwashing and social engineering of an entire generation.
brainwashing of the masses is a real bad trip
by o_O n' whoa-ho-ho-ho-ho April 16, 2005
A dangerous drug that should be avoided.
All that LSD I took caused lots of problems in my life.
by joey October 16, 2004