LSD is most commonly known as the potent drug used by many. But recent study has shown that thats not the case with LSD. LSD orginated in New York but has become overwelmonly popular in vast areas. The proud owner of which is Sinat Yornom a great man of power and of course LSD. LSD is huge in many ways, hes no small matter or a laughing matter. He can break you or make you depending on the way you hand him. Studies show that the average man is 5.5 inches. LSD was that size when he wasnt even created yet. Now hes a whopping 3 times the size of a normal creature.
"DAMNNN NIGGA!, Shit son you can have my girl"! (bowing down)

"o0o0o papi look at you"

" I want to use LSD"!
#lsd #drugs #sex #dog #booty
by mrsoogooditsbad December 28, 2008
Lethal Sexy Dancing.

As defined by the HHJJ club founder members, LSD is usually accompanied by Steep-killing; to dance so violently so as to hurting surrounding people.
LSD is usually conducted with disco lights effects.
-"Hey baby, are you in the mood for some LSD?"

-"We had an LSD after my birthday party, that was so cool!"

-Approved by Jackie, Gigi, TheDon, and UzF
by UzF December 06, 2004
lsd is pretty good but if your hardcore you should BZ
this jizz face said hey you wanna buy some lsd? so i punched him in the throat and said yer a lightweight.Im doin BZ and goin to the drag races
by emu March 05, 2003
laso known as Lone Star Donuts
Ughhh... I dont feel so good. I think I overdosed on LSD. Lone Star Donuts that is.
#donuts #drugs #dope #substanance #hole
by Beefywhite September 27, 2005
BEST FUCKING DRUG after heroin, really from 750 micrograms u get tripping for like 15 hours, but shit this drug is so hard to exaplin the trip like realy u can do it so many times and still not understand shit , like i recommend this really much
lsd is fucking good trippp
by drugdenlsd May 12, 2005
The Kind of drug (LSD) that Andy Milonakis takes making his show before he goes on his lil newyork apartment with his fake dog and fake friends and his computer with a high end webcam rippin rap which he'll never tap hes jus a lil trap and is so fat hes goin have a fuckin' heartattack

fat ass go die when u pass gas lolz..
yo, im not a hata' of andy im just makin fun of that little ass

i like bacon

bongs r food

I eat LSD for breakfast



yup in my white tee.
#acid #drug #gel #lsd #mind
by cockrocker42 April 01, 2006
the_cia's mind control drug
it was sort of unleashed on the unsuspecting populace in an attempt to brainwash them into becoming satanists,etc.

it appears to have been very effective as the world is now filled with FUCKING assholes
by o)O picasso January 08, 2005
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