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Laughing Really Loud

The evolution of LOL which began as a term to epxress the enjoyment of a statement but rapidly became the most overused and annoying term in teh world.
LRL/Laughing Really Loud has taken its place as the rightful heir after its nah-tee creator decided the world needed something new, something fresh!
May be used in any circumstance, regardless of the humour of the occassion (may even be funnier if it used in response to something that wouldn't cause really loud laughter).
Currently sweeping the world!
Alex "I wonder if i could charm the beard off a fire engine"

Nah-tee Nicole "LRL, try making sense first"


Saylor "I lost my million dollar lottery ticket!"

Nah-tee Nicole "...LRL..."
by Flash-Alpine August 08, 2009
20 12
Prostitute offers LRL :Lollipop (blowjob), a rubdown, and another Lollipop (blowjob) in the same session
by m5552009 June 26, 2009
11 5
instead of the gayy ass lol, i made lrl. It means laugh really loud.
rob91: i want to scan my penis in computer class

maxk22: lrl, that's really tonky
by max k January 31, 2005
11 16