Low Resolution Fox
A woman who looks great from a distance, but when examined closer to, is revealed to be an absolute pig
by cracky March 01, 2003
Top Definition
Acronym: Low Resolution Fitty

English (UK) variation on the American term "Low resolution fox". Used to denote a female who may appear to be attractive either in a low resolution picture, or when viewed from afar IRL. However, on closer inspection it is revealed that she is in fact, fugly. Girls who fall into the LRF category often have toned & attractive bodies, but sport sub-par facial features.
"I saw this really hot girl from the other side of the club, but she turned out to be an LRF!"
by gentaXY May 18, 2009
'Long Range Fault'
Someone who looks good from far, but is actually far from good.
'I spotted this guy across the dancefloor - I thought he was hot, but he just turned out to be an LRF.'
by Prizzl February 05, 2008
Low Resolution Fox
A girl who, from a distance, looks hot but, on closer inspection, turns out to be rather ugly.
I got the horn when I first saw her but as she got closer I realized she was merely a LRF
by smee again January 14, 2008
Meaning "Little Rubber Feet"
The little rubber feet under ones PC.
LWRF = Little white Rubber Feet
LBRF = Little Black Rubber Feet
LCRF = Little Clear Rubber Feet
LSRF = Little Sticky Rubber Feet
IT Admin. "Which PC do you think is the best"?
Shopper. "I will take the one that has LRF with it"
IT Admin. "Oh Yeah???? That would be the one?????" 'not havin a clue'
Shopper. 'roflao' "Five years in college my ass"
by Badboybabs March 21, 2006
Little Rubber Feet
LRF are missing from computer cabinet
by Mike S. June 04, 2003
Long Range Forecast.
What's the TWO lrf looking like for that period?
by brendan March 01, 2005
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