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Meaning "Little Rubber Feet"
The little rubber feet under ones PC.
LWRF = Little white Rubber Feet
LBRF = Little Black Rubber Feet
LCRF = Little Clear Rubber Feet
LSRF = Little Sticky Rubber Feet
IT Admin. "Which PC do you think is the best"?
Shopper. "I will take the one that has LRF with it"
IT Admin. "Oh Yeah???? That would be the one?????" 'not havin a clue'
Shopper. 'roflao' "Five years in college my ass"
by Badboybabs March 21, 2006
To do sweet fuck all and care free
When asked - "What are you going to do for the day"?
Awnser - "Diligaf"
by Badboybabs March 21, 2006
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