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When two or more people indulge in expressing their love for each other in such way that it never ends. It is the ultimate expression of deep, true love and respect for each other, usually manifested by an outburst of love expressions that make all involved feel warm, acknowledged and cared for.
We love each other so much its a lovefest!
Everyone saying to each other "I love you," that was a total lovefest!
#love #lovestruck #love fest #lov #love bite
by MissyPort May 17, 2010
1. Being too "buddy buddy."

2. A meeting where people share painful past experiences and make painful confessions while everyone hugs them and tells them it's okay. (like lot's of daytime TV talk shows)
1. "You don't have to have a LOVE FEST with him, you just have to work with him."

2. "Oh great another drug addict LOVE FEST on Dr. Phil."
#intervention #child molester #lovefest #lovfest #drug addict
by Hokie Bird April 15, 2011
whenever your roommate's one friend comes in your room and she ends up giving a shoulder rub to him. it is awkward.
"i hate these effing love fests that always happen in my room"

"oh man, another back rub session again?"
#back rub #touching #unwanted rubbing #awkward situation #ewe
by madsnlgrl May 01, 2008
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