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a poncey twit. imagine 10 lords a leaping. now imagine how fucking stupid they look. Michael Flatley is the Lord of the dance. get it? Can be either a man or woman.
wait, he uses a cigarette holder?! what a lord!
by Ashley St. Claire March 14, 2003
noun def: To be macho and overbearing, synonym of macho.
"Look at this lord over here."
by The G Master October 20, 2006
A term used to describe someone who plays Warcraft all day, camps at Star Wars premiers, want's their wedding to be a medieval theme, and wears a trench coat.
Man I went to the comic book store, and it was such Lords.
by Jessebiz September 03, 2005
any substance that takes you to higher level of life; the giver of levels
The lord givith and the lord taketh; we loveth the lord.

at a party: Dude, I'm feeling down tonight. Why don't we speed dial the lord?
by annie October 05, 2004
A member of the Lord family, usually bearing more than one postcode depending on size. more than often bearing a dribbling of Grape from her under carraige.
Cath, or Mass-eve.
by Lord Lover November 13, 2003