any substance that takes you to higher level of life; the giver of levels
The lord givith and the lord taketh; we loveth the lord.

at a party: Dude, I'm feeling down tonight. Why don't we speed dial the lord?
by annie October 05, 2004
A title of nobility granted to people of high standing in society by a monarch. Historically, lords served the purpose of governing lands for his king under the feudal system. After the Middle Ages, lords served roles in government. Now, the title is just one of mostly honor and tradition. However, lord can refer to any person possessing personal power beyond the normal.
Lord Calvert controls this feif for his majesty the king.

The name of the noble hero in this novel is Lord Ilpalazzo.
by David Perek September 03, 2004
Legend Of the Red Dragon

A multi-player game predating todays MMORPGs or home internet connections, played on dial-up Bulletin Board Syrtems (BBS) in which usres would fight various monsters, buy equipment, and even get married and have children, all on a quest to slay the red dragon.
Who's your character in L.O.R.D.?
by Iguana February 02, 2004
a poncey twit. imagine 10 lords a leaping. now imagine how fucking stupid they look. Michael Flatley is the Lord of the dance. get it? Can be either a man or woman.
wait, he uses a cigarette holder?! what a lord!
by Ashley St. Claire March 14, 2003
from "gaylord".
The master of all gays.
Look at that lord, mincing down the road
by Fixxxer August 18, 2004
Craig buying another man a G string
by anon October 07, 2003

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