a guy who is the f*cking coolest person to ever be...not to mention he is straighter than an arrow and the girls throw themselves at him
wow...that kid is really lord tonight...wish i could be like that!
by c April 29, 2004
Can vary to encompass a number of things from people that make stupid decisions to pot-bellied africans that are living off the fat of the land to that guy that gets punched in the balls when he is blacked out and sneaks into a bar for the third time on St. Patrick's Day.
God, Chids is such a lord, he always gets blacked out and fight with stray cats.

Jesus, what a lord! How can you not know if you have herpes or not!
by Pistacios December 04, 2007
A member of the Lord family, usually bearing more than one postcode depending on size. more than often bearing a dribbling of Grape from her under carraige.
Cath, or Mass-eve.
by Lord Lover November 13, 2003
A term used to describe someone who plays Warcraft all day, camps at Star Wars premiers, want's their wedding to be a medieval theme, and wears a trench coat.
Man I went to the comic book store, and it was such Lords.
by Jessebiz September 03, 2005
"Jesus is Lord."
"Yo, check this shit out! It's TOTALLY lord!"
by Lady Poopshire January 22, 2005
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