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To emit an energy or Buzz when overly enjoying one's self .
Last night we were lording the club.
by BBrev106 November 25, 2008
the act of enjoying your self with excess e.g. food or alcohol.
I've got a massive hang over this morning - I was 'Lording' it last night.
by Antony Butnut March 18, 2004
Piss on a bitch weave and then tweet about it 'cause das savage
I'm lording on bitches that ain't sending nudes, ya feel?
by slutlord I'm lordinn' May 19, 2014
When you are acting like a fag and it is too much for the situation at that moment.
"Wow, Jan-Willem just spanked Justin on his ass he is ''lording'' it up right now''
by BuddaB January 23, 2011
DNS - Did Not Show - The act of talking up your performance for a forthcoming sporting event including actively sledging your mates and other competitors to create an air of superiority, only to not show up on the day of the event.
Norman for months has been talking up his performance and how much he is going to smash it for the forthcoming Half Marathon, but apparently 'Had a Cold' on the day and therefore couldn't compete. Norman did a Lording
by Trott On May 16, 2011
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