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Acronym for Laughter Over Penis Length
Rob and Sandy loplled at Gary's manhood.
by canadjian February 25, 2013
mispelled form of lol that everyone should replace lol with cause it sounds and looks better
pronounced lopple
lopl i killed that n00b's warden on a demon hunter harass
by DogBox May 01, 2005
(abbr) Laughing Out Pretty Loud.

A distinctive LOL, but nicer sounding and can be heard from 500m away. Invented by Reenz.
Reenz and Tigger were 'strodinary drunk, and Tigger bounced high up into the air and landed on his head, Reenz LOPLed. "Tiggers are 'strodinary bad bouncers when pished", Tigger sighed. Reenz had another LOPL.
by phx June 28, 2003
lopl: An exclamation, a better version of lol.
No-one knows what the p stands for, not even the person who created it.
An alternative spelling is ropr, which is even more epic.
lopl he raegquit
by ajf.me August 14, 2010
LOPL Is an internet acronym that stands for Laugh Out Pretty Loud. LOPL is different from LOL because it declares the volume of laughing that is occuring. LOL could be any volume, depending on its capitalization and context. LOPL is just a pretty loud laugh.

Originally occured as a mistype of LOL
"Dude, AT&T cut 4chan so now they are fighting back"
by DJFaceman July 26, 2009
lopl: lol but mispelled, usually made by mistake from noobs.
Uberman: ^_^ lopl
User1: ...
by Obliterator February 03, 2004
Internet acronym for Laughing Out Phucking Loud
Can be used as an alternative for rofl or lmao.
John: My urine is red and bloody:S
Pete: LOPL!!!! you should have that checked out!
by nima October 11, 2003