loob is pronounced "lube"
Its a combo word meaning lol and noob created by "eSc" known as the European Source Crew. They are known world wide for disruption of online games such as Counter-strike Source.
loob = lol noob
loob down = lol noob down
loobed = lol noob owned
by Fivetoes October 17, 2008
(noun or an adjective)

to name someone who is a loser, a lame-o, or just a complete dufus. being a loob is not necessarily a bad thing.
(n.) OMG, why are you still talking to that piece of shit guy? you are such a loob.

(adj.) i don't why i'm so down today; i just feel hella loob.
by meganrawrbizzle July 26, 2008
A term for marijuana. Used to secretly say marijuana so nobody knows what you are saying.
Hey Russ pass the loob so I take a puff.
by Russ Hamstring February 12, 2010
Derived from the combination of the words "loser" and "boob". Someone who has no sense of reality, or social skills.
That loob just spent his passing period arranging his pencils in color-order before the test.
by Tom-R March 08, 2010
to call someone a loob is to call them a loser noob
hence the word "loob"
you're such a loob.
by jumpshot_sweetie July 31, 2009

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