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Big Fucking Knife

A knife that is larger than normal and often presented in public to the surprise of others.
"Hey man"
"Hey" *pulls out knife*
"hehehe" *commence stabbing*
by MCMLXXXIV January 23, 2005
A word used to describe an afro-style haircut that's a bit on the small side.
"Check out my cool afro"
"Bollocks mate that's just a smafro you massive ponce"
by MCMLXXXIV January 23, 2005
Unrelated to the word 'n00b' which is pathetic. l00b is a joyous word which can be used and/or applied to anybody but belongs only to the special ones.

Can be extended to l00bed/l00bricated/l00brication on special occasions.

Can also be used in the traditional sense of it's cousin word 'lube'. Altho using the word 'lube' immiediately bans you from using the word 'l00b' and makes you a 'l00b for life'.
1. Random: "Fuck you all ahaha, I shit on your mum's face after I fuck her"
Cool dude: "Just so long as you used l00b."
Other cool dude: "lol yeah haha what a l00b"

2. Random#2: "ow man you got me good"
Supercoolfunnydude: "l00bed"
by MCMLXXXIV March 18, 2005
If you ever spot the word written 'loob' tell the person writing it to foad because it should be l00b.

See l00b.
"Lmao loobed"
"OMFGZ WTF MATEZ?!?!?! It's l00b AIGHT?"
"ok, seen"
by MCMLXXXIV March 18, 2005

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