Stands for 'Lights Out, Missionary Position'. Used to describe a person with unimpressive sexual habits. Most likely, this is an attractive girl who doesn't need to perform to satisfy men. Can also be used to describe how sexual desire wanes in a long relationship.
"Hey Dave, how's your L.O.M.P.? When's the last time she gave you head?"

"I need to head down to the sex toy store because we've been getting kind of LOMPy."
by I Like Bread August 24, 2006
Top Definition
LOMP is an acronym for "lots of moving parts" It can be used when referring to a device that is complicated or overly intricate.

Things that are LOMP: Robots, hard drives, the difference engine, cassette players, ink jet printers, Rube Goldberg machines, people.
Dude, you go jogging with the original iPod? That thing is LOMP, I'm surprised its hasn't broken.
by Lefty One Eye June 24, 2009
LOMP is and acronym for "Laughing off my pussy" commonly substituted for LMAO or LOL
Jenny- OMG did you see the pic she sent to her boyfriend?
Becky- I know she looked so fugly.
Jenny- LOMP what a cow.
by JohnnyWalkerStein December 10, 2009
A LOMP is a lolipop with no wings.

When something is so uncontrollably funny that you just have to... LOMP!

See also: LOMPemon, a German Pokemon rip-off.

"Dude, did you see Davon's fake pics? LOMP!"

"LOMPemon, gotta catch 'em all!"
by Shake! March 29, 2008
verb, To dress in women's undergarmets and stick foreign objects into the rectum while watching in a mirror standing on it.
noun, a person behaving in a homosexually perverted manner.
It was obvious that he was lomping by the footprints on the mirror and the stretched out panties on the floor.
"Stop acting like a lomp!" she yelled at her boyfriend as he admired his reflection with his penis tucked away.
by susanna502bananna December 26, 2005
To dress in women's undergarmets sticking foreign objects into the rectum while standing on a mirror.
"I think my husband was lomping again, I see footprints on the mirror and my panties are torn."
by susieq502 December 05, 2005
A verb for space hopping (ie on a space hopper)
I lomped down to the park
by Jim Coppin April 11, 2005
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